Sunday, March 16, 2008

Canon 40D LCD Screen

I have been working on creating a small review of this camera. Hopefully that will come in the next week or 2. But for now I just wanted to comment on one aspect of the camera: It's LCD Screen. People on the net have been complaining about the resolution of the screen, and how the preview jpg is worthless (because it is only about 2mp). The complaint is that you can't really judge sharpness on the lcd screen based on the (...tiny...)jpg preview.

When I first bought the camera I thought the same thing: " Man, even zooming in to 10x I can't tell what is in focus!!" I have since resolved this issue (well enough for my uses now right now, anyway). And I thought, for sure, that I would read about this idea some where else on the net. But so far I have yet to see any one else talk about it, and there are some very creative thinkers that post to the different photography forums.

Well, here it is: I always shoot raw, so any image parameters I set in camera don't affect my final image quality. So I experimented and used one of the user presets, in the picture styles menu, and set the sharpness all the way to 7. Although these settings have no effect on my raw file, they do effect the camera created jpg preview. Voila! The jpg preview is now clear enough to judge sharpness at a zoom level of about 5-7 (this is dependent on subject matter)

No more complaints from me about the LCD screen!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Time Keeps on tickin'

I have said it before, and will say it again: Time just seems to fly by! My goals where to blog once a week, and have my website fully functional by the end of February. Well, my site is coming along. I should be posting a few more galleries today. As for the blog, well, I have missed 2 weeks now.

The past few weeks have kept me busy busy busy!! When deadlines loom for clients the blog and website take a back seat. But this week should allow me some more time to work on them both. So please visit often this week to see new blog posts and additions to my site.