Friday, January 29, 2010

Site changes in store

I know, I know. I've said this before... I'm making changes to my site. Seems like every 2 years I'm saying the same thing.

Well, I've been self publishing my own site for years now. One of the many hats that must be worn as a self employed photographer. As I have come to learn, true success needs focus. And to focus one must delegate tasks to others who are better suited to them.

One of these tasks I am giving up control of is website design. I am deciding between two hosted solutions, and will have a decision made within a week. Shortly there after going live.

So, keep your eyes tuned in for these changes. When this is done, my site should look more polished and be updated more often. I also hope to have my blog published under the sites domain to keep everything together.

Speaking of the blog: I plan on setting aside time to work on it more frequently. Here's to good intentions.

Show at Oyster Mill Playhouse

I currently have some prints hanging in the lobby of Oyster Mill Playhouse. They recently completed some renovations to the space and I had the honor of being the first artist to show in the new digs.

Over the last 2 decades I have had work in dozens of shows locally. And each and every time I went with shots that were close to my heart. I decided with this exhibit to show pieces that may have a more commercial appeal to them. By that I mean images that will, hopefully, appeal to the art buying audience in this area.

This selection was based on images that recently sold well in other shows.

Here are a few of the shots in the show. I encourage everyone to go to Oyster Mill to see them in person, and maybe even take in the show that is currently running, "A Shot in the Dark".


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Street Photography

What photographer, at some point in time, hasn't shot on the street? There is a freedom that comes from not having any other motivation than to capture the Decisive Moment. A rush of adrenaline from the hunt. The sense of danger that is associated with fear. Fear of intimately photographing strangers, fear of the stranger detecting my voyeuristic lens.

When shooting images on the street I think it is important to remember to be respectful of the people at which you are pointing your camera. We can capture people in their daily lives, and even in moments of tragedy while still being respectful.

These 2 images came from a trip to Manhattan back in August '09, while walking through Central Park.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Haiti Relief, Loose Print Sale

2009 was a tough year, all over the world. And like so many other people I have been moved to help the relief efforts in Haiti. The easiest way, for most of us, is to donate to an organization like the Red Cross.

During the last 10 months I have had images in 5 exhibits. And after each exhibit closed I took some framed prints back home. Each of these images have been removed from their mats and frames, they are "Loose" prints.

I am offering these loose prints for sale and donating 50% of the proceeds to the Red Cross. There are limited quantities of each print and size. As you click through to the full size preview of each you will see a table of sizes available for that image. From there select the appropriate paypal button below the image. I will update each image's remaining quantity as they sell.

I have priced these images at discounted rates and am offering free shipping in the USA. Thank you for considering a purchase. And remember, 50% of your purchase price is tax deductible.

Click HERE to visit the site.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Donation for Haiti

I have been working on idea to help generate some money to donate to the relief efforts in Haiti. I am nearly done with the project. I will have it posted on the morning of January 27.