Friday, January 29, 2010

Show at Oyster Mill Playhouse

I currently have some prints hanging in the lobby of Oyster Mill Playhouse. They recently completed some renovations to the space and I had the honor of being the first artist to show in the new digs.

Over the last 2 decades I have had work in dozens of shows locally. And each and every time I went with shots that were close to my heart. I decided with this exhibit to show pieces that may have a more commercial appeal to them. By that I mean images that will, hopefully, appeal to the art buying audience in this area.

This selection was based on images that recently sold well in other shows.

Here are a few of the shots in the show. I encourage everyone to go to Oyster Mill to see them in person, and maybe even take in the show that is currently running, "A Shot in the Dark".


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