Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Toys!

I love gadgets and technology. I have also always loved art AND science. Photography was my destiny! Art, Science, and techy gadgets!! What could be better?

When digital photography became truly accessible to me (circa December 2002) I was ecstatic! Not only was I going to save some money on film and processing, but new avenues for creativity were openening up.

At that point I bought a used Canon D30 from my local shop, Fine Art Photo. At first I shot jpg files. After about 4 months of this I discovered the joys (and at the time headaches) of shooting RAW. I started using Phase One's Capture 1 for my Raw processing. That program instantly brought new life to my D30. I again found wondrous joys in photography!

During the last several years digital photography has seen a whirlwind of changes. For any body who has been paying attention, you will know that the rate of new slr cameras is about every 18 months, or so. I just could not imagine upgrading that often. I did however, upgrade to a used D60 in 2005. But did not feel that any of the new cameras that came out after that one were really worthy of my upgrading. So I used my D60 for better than 2 years.

Now, finally, a camera has been released that was worthy of my hard earned cash- the Canon 40d. In early 2008 I bought one, along with a Canon G9 (probably one of the nicest "Pocket" cameras currently available). All I can say is WOW! I am so excited to own both of these cameras! The G9 is a great little camera that I feel can take pro-grade images (in certain situations) when it is all I have on me. And the 40d is an Amazing upgrade from the older cameras that I had been using. In terms of speed of handling to ulimate image quality.

What is my definition of ultimate image quality:

1) Good resolution
2) Low signal to noise ratio
3) Great color
4) Great Dynamic range

The 40d has these in spades. In the coming weeks I plan on writing a small review of both cameras itemizing what I feel are their strengths and weekness' for the way I work.

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