Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Well there it is..... and has been for 5 years, lingering on the web in one form or another. I have had some sort of web presence since 2003. It has changed and adapted to meet my needs the whole time, but never has it been a great marketing tool. Why? Because every so often, when I have a slow period, I start to work on it again. Get so far, get busy again, and allow it to flounder in it's then current, unfinished state.

I plan to change that, more or less, in the coming weeks. I plan on having a fully functional website up and running by the end of February 2008. What does fully functional mean? Here is a short list:

1) Full portfolios of the range of work I do
2) A page for the sales of certain types of images
3) A complete contact/info section. (with any luck I will have a form to request qoutes, and book jobs etc...)

Well, that is about all I need the site to do. After it is up in that state I will work to diligently maintain it. The one thing that may still change on a regular basis is the basic site design. I plan on having it functional by the end of this month. But it may take a few more after that to really refine it's look. From it's global layout/design, to the way I present my portfolio.

I am ultimately after functional, easy to look at, easy to navigate, and FAST to load. Please feel free to comment here with your opinions about what works and what does not.

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